Biblical Inspiration

Biblical Inspiration
The Biblical ‘Sons of the Prophets’ began as members of what appears to have been an organised college set up in ancient Israel by the prophet Samuel.  We hear about a company of prophets first in 1st Samuel 10:5 & 10 and then we learn in 1st Samuel 19:20 that Samuel was over them.
It is significant that the need for a prophetic school was recognised as Saul became king.  Samuel was told by God to describe to the Israelites how the king they wanted would try to take too much power to himself.  Despite Samuel’s warning, the people still wanted a king, but the prophets he established appear to have been intended as a counter-balance to executive power.
After Saul was long gone, we next read about the group being active as a prayer and pressure  group in the time of king Ahab and his queen Jezebel.  We read in 1Kgs 18:4 about a hundred of them being sheltered and provided for by king Ahab’s prime minister, a rich man named Obadiah, and in 1Kgs 20:35-43 that one of them stood up to the king.
It is clear that they were led at this time first by Elijah and then by his successor Elisha.  It is in the time of Elijah that they are first called by the name ‘the sons of the prophets’, and their organisation was now large enough, even in adversity, to have centres in Bethel (2Kgs 2:3) and Jericho (2Kgs 2:5) as well as Gilgal (2Kgs 4:38) and even then to be complaining that they were running out of room (2Kgs 6:1).
Miracles were wrought by the hands of Elijah and Elisha and seen by the Sons of the Prophets.  Like them, we shall devote ourselves to seeking the Lord in his word and in prayer and although we may not see axe-heads made to float (2Kgs 6:6) we shall nonetheless expect miracles and be pleased to see any tokens of the Lord’s blessing.

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  1. I’m interested in knowing more about this initiative and how otherb Christian Organisations can fit into the vision.
    God bless

    Albert Okoye

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