The Sons of the Prophets would be marked by comradeship.  They would be a band of brothers, studying, training to honour God by living lives of purity and witness, seeking the Lord about to how to conduct themselves, how to speak, what cultural influences they should expose themselves to, how to behave, how to keep unspotted from the world and how to be effective for the Gospel.
With today’s communications, we think in terms of websites and facebook pages, supported by training weeks or weekends away, with some kind of graduation, to equip these young men to become the leaders of the future.
Someone said recently , ‘Church youth are taught to feast and play; we need to teach them how to fast and pray.’  Of course we need to encourage fellowship among church youth, but there must be more to the Christian life than singing songs and playing games.
Christian youth not solidly grounded in the scriptures, not praying with the Spirit, and not living lives of righteousness in the risen power of Jesus Christ are about as much use to the Kingdom of God and to a Church under seige as a swimsuit in a blizzard.

One thought on “Comradeship

  1. This concept of teaching Christian Youths to ‘fast and pray’ sounds quite novel among the Caucassian Christian community but quite refreshing. It certainly makes a difference to hear such a call and I can immediately see opportunities for transcultural ‘unity’ and a narrowing of the gorge between the predominantly black and white Churches as this appears to have been an area of ‘disagreement’ for a while. We would certainly be interested in seeing collaborative prayer escapades between our youth group and ‘sons of the prophets’
    May The Lord clarify the vision and grant you courage to push it through in this climate.
    God bless
    Albert Okoye

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